What’s so important about picking your wedding photographer?

Focus, love and snapping.

So, you’re about to get married. This is potentially one of the most stressful yet beautiful times of your life. There is lots to organise and lots to get done before the big day. You’ll probably have checklists upon checklists of items that need to be bought and services that need paying for, but we’re going to be talking about the one big box that needs ticking – a professional photographer. Someone that will be able to capture your beautiful and special day, and all the effort you’ve put into it as a couple and a family.

So why is a photographer so important?

The thing about photographers is that they are not a necessity, you don’t technically need a photographer at your wedding. They are a luxury item. So why is it that 99% of weddings have them? Because everyone wants their day captured; shots of them looking amazing in their dress and suits, shots of family that are rarely together, shots of the decorations, shots of the cake, shots with friends, everything needs capturing on the day as a sweet reminder of a very important day in their lives. A photographer provides you with something to look back on, so you’ll never forget.


 OK, So I want a photographer… now what?

Photographers are everywhere, with varying prices and varying skillets and styles. Many people don’t realise the importance of a good photographer, and vouch to get the cheapest possible. This is perfectly understandable, as budgets are important to stick to.

You can find many wedding photographers who are either entering into the market, are young, or are just willing to do it for experience at a cheap price online. Posting on local wedding Facebook groups for a wedding photographer will grant you many options, as you’ll receive replies from every man or woman with a camera in the group. Sit back with a cup of tea, and scroll through for someone that fits your budget.

There are potential risks going on the cheap side of wedding photography, as you’ll generally find people with a lack of experience. It’s very much a luck of the draw situation. You can pay a photographer £100 to cover your entire day, or you can pay another photographer £1500+. With these two price ranges you would expect the higher price to wield better results, right? I say price isn’t everything, the research into the photographer is.

We’ve done some photography in the rain, wind and snow. Nothing stopped these two!

Research into a photographer that will suit your needs

 So, you’ve found a few photographers that look like they’ll fit your style and will be able to capture your day perfectly. Only problem is, the prices range from £300 for a day to £2000+ dependant on the photographer. So, what do you do?

Research your options, and find out what the different prices may get you. If one photographer has been doing weddings for fifteen years, has an amazing portfolio, is polite, punctual, is willing to go the extra mile for you and has added extras such as a wedding album, personalised delivery of photos and other unique selling points, then suddenly £1500-£2000 doesn’t sound so bad.

These higher priced individuals will be able to put so much more planning and effort into your day, they will likely scout your wedding locations ahead of the day and make sure they know the best places to grab shots for you. They will have the experience to ask you the exact questions they’ll need to hear from you upon the first meeting so they will get everything you need. Their equipment is bound to be of higher professional standard; meaning higher quality and interesting and dynamic shots!

On the other hand, a £300 photographer is limited. Their equipment may not be top of the line, they may not have the budget to be able to travel to locations, they may not have the time to spare to enable them to meet up and go through everything needed on the day. Their shots can still be absolutely amazing, but at this price point it would be difficult to offer albums, books, personalised pen drives or CD’s, etc.

Be wary of the quality. Watch out for the price. Look into the photographer. A little bit of research or a bit more money may grant you with much better photos.


 What we offer

At JS Collective, we come from an extensive background of photography and video for businesses, events and weddings. We have many bespoke packages. The option to work under a specific budget. Also, we have plenty of add-ons and extras that you can enquire about.

All of our packages come with a client meeting and two photographers so you can rest assured that your day will be fully covered and everything you need will be captured.

You can find our package listing by clicking here.

If you’re interested or just enquiring, feel free to contact us!


  1. I can see why hiring a good photographer is so important. Like you said, my fiance and I definitely want our special day to be saved and captured. We’ll take a good chunk of time to research the best photographer we can!

  2. Most of the details of my fiance and I’s wedding are figured out, except for the wedding photography service we will be using. We want to find someone soon that fits our needs. It is nice to know that we will pay for the quality we get.

  3. I’m really glad that you mentioned to research different photographers that fit the style of your wedding. This seems like the best way to make sure that the special day is captured in a way that you will love. Not only that, but maybe it could be good to talk to the photographer beforehand and let them know more about some shots that you really enjoy from their portfolio so that they know more about what you are looking for.

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